Although, like most people, I have been taking photos, off and on, my entire adult life, I only got serious about it in late 2007. I attended a professional photographer's workshop in Utah's Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in October of that year and was hooked.  I have traveled widely since then , literally taking countless  thousands of shots,  using  eight cameras (now using mirrorless cameras) and multiple lenses and filters; I have not photographed everywhere, but it is on my bucket list.  I have photographed with professional photographers and other serious amateurs on every continent except Antarctica and  hope that you enjoy my photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them.  Although this is more my travelogue than anything else,  I am intent on expanding both my technique and geography and welcome any comments you may have. 

Clicking on "Browse" will bring you to various "Folders".  Click on any Folder to see the Galleries contained within that Folder and then click on a Gallery to view the photos  within.  You can view them by clicking on the individual thumbnails or click on the  arrow in the upper right corner for a slide show..

Although I am not "selling", some people have bought.  Please use "contact" on the above menu if you are interested in purchasing photos, be added to my distribution list when new photos are posted or have any comments.

Please bookmark this page as I invite you to visit and walk the world with me from time to time

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